A founding member of ‘Astro-Vaastu Research Foundation’ Dr Ravi Rao is a vaastu and astrology practitioner of international repute. A prolific scholar and a zealous practitioner Dr. Ravi Rao mastered this craft under established gurus. He has been advising people on professional, personal and political matters.

Using ancient vedic sciences, Dr Ravi Rao offers solutions that revive failing fortunes of individuals and companies within a short time span and minimal expenditure. Consulting for sick industries is a challenge which he accepts and succeeds as well. Individuals, entrepreneurs, small-scale businessmen, industrialists and companies have benefited from his deep insights and acumen. Some of the companies that Dr. Rao advises belong to Fortune 500 list.

He specializes in corporate astro-vaastu analysis and helps companies achieve peace and success through vaastu, astrology and numerology. He is known for helping companies grow through vaastu compatible company logos. Dr. Rao has been offering niche predictions on NASDAQ-BSE and has been quoted extensively in publications throughout the world.

His strong base of clientele from both, within the country and across the world, stands testimony to his knowledge and skill. He caters to clients all over the world which includes countries like Africa, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, UAE and South-East Asia. His clients include industries from sectors like power, textile, chemicals, iron, construction, manufacturing, trading, exports, etc.

“They say success is a journey but not a destination, but Dr. Rao has made sure that success is his habit”