• Furniture and Interiors Designers Association Seminar 1997
  • London Speech 2002, ISBA- Meeting.
  • AFA USA - A paper and a conference on "Modern Astrology Techniques"
  • ICAS Workshop on Predictive Astrology, Ahmedabad

    Dr. Ravi Rao recently organised a very enlightening workshop on Predictive Astrology conducted by the renowned and legendary astrologer Shrimati Gayatri Devi Vasudev.

  • JKR Astro Research Foundation, 5th Annual Conference & National Astrological Conference

    Dr. Rao talked about his book, A Nation’s Prophecy, which is based on mundane astrology. It was very well appreciated and got a good response. He also spoke about how most of the hardships faced by an organisation or a person can be traced to vaastu, design and arrangement of the dwelling or the plot on which it is erected. Furthermore, the hardships can be overcome by fine-tuning the placement of these components to vaastu principles.

  • Predicting the Natural Disasters- Bangalore
  • PLAST India - "Impact of Business Logos in day to day Business"
  • CII and Rotary clubs across globe periodically on "Vaastu in day to day life"

    Home vaastu, vaastu of business and vaastu of industries

  • Conference of Plast Asia 2004 (Bangalore)
    How logos change companies' prospects.

    He spoke about how the hidden powers of vaastu help one attain positive results. One can get into business with all kinds of inputs but when the element of vaastu is added, it precipitates profit and success follows. Land rules people; one's fortune depends on shapes and locations of plots.