A ‘muhurat’ is the chosen time to initiate an event, which is derived through the astrological reading and the planetary alignment such that it consummates without any hurdle, and provide the best results. It is that speck of time in the universe when the concentration of favourable planetary and astrological energy is the most auspicious and fruitful. Muhurat harmonizes the forces of nature with energies of man, which improves the chances of success. When there are Good planetary energies the day is termed as “auspicious” in the Hindu calendar. A “muhurta chart” is prepared to delineate the outcome or result of any venture in astrology. Dr.Rao uses the powerful axioms of Vedic astrology to determine the most beneficial and auspicious date, and time to perform a specific task for its optimum success.

Personal & Home Vaastu

Vaastu Shashtra is the science of design and architecture which directly or indirectly influence the occupants of the building. It deals with the correct positioning of five elements as per the law of nature. The balance of the five elements with nature, brings positive influences in our lives. The Earth is dominated by the Paanch – Bhutas namely space, air, water, fire and earth. These five elements are further influenced by the Aashtdigpalakas – i.e eight rules and unseen forces of nature which are in co-ordination with nature. Lighting and colour are the key players in Interior Vaastu Designing. The idea is to create the feeling of space through proper lighting thereby inducing comfort, relaxation and good visibility. The room may be hard (yang) or soft (yin), exciting (yang) or soothing (yin), and it can be balanced through appropriate lighting. As per vaastu the significance and the symbolism of colours are important as every colour has a particular significance. The use of right colour and texture is vital to create a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Vaastu talks about the flow of natural light in a house. It also determines the position of the windows and the thickness of the walls amongst several other things. Vaastu is one of the key topics discussed in a construction site. Vaastu also talks about heights, plantation and space. It serves as an all-encompassing science for better living.

Dr. Rao provides vaastu solutions to all those seeking his advice. He has engaged with scores of families all over the world and made revolutionary positive changes in their lives.