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July 2017 28th
House Warming

Vaastu : Panchmahabhootas

Humans are a unit of nature and hence our lives are always closely associated with nature. We may control our homes and work spaces to suit our life style, but in order to energise us, these spaces must follow nature’s principles.

Vaastu blends human energy with nature’s energy by adapting our spaces to the positive energies of the eight directions and of the panchmahabhootas, i.e. nature’s five elements. In balancing these five elements, agni, vayu, jal, prithvi, akash – fire, air, water, earth, space –vaastu shastra attunes our spaces and thereby our lives to nature. The result is a stimulation of positive energies, bringing harmony, health and wealth to our lives.

Vaastu shastra is the science that blends our lives with nature’s energy to bring immense gains to our personal and professional lives.

  • Space

    Space or Akash refers to Open Space at large. A house can be lucky only if there is open space around it. Vaastu helps to what extent a house can afford the space available and orienting it as desired. Space is integral to Earth’s movement.

    • Characteristics: Expansion and Enhancement
    • Direction: East.
  • Air

    Air or Vayu is an important element and its flow needs to be balanced to a given space that represents a building. There are rules for windows and doors and the need for cross ventilation in Vaastu Shastra so that enough air is circulating without hindrance. Air means joy & happiness.

    • Characteristics: Movement
    • Direction: East and North West.
  • Fire

    Fire or Agni refers to digestion. Kitchen and its placement is its prime resource. Light essential to life and Sun is the natural light giver. Fire forms basis of all sources of energy including thermal and atomic power. Proper ventilation for sunlight enhances quality of life and a healthy life.

    • Characteristics: Power, confidence and fame.
    • Direction: South East.
  • Water

    Water or Jal is what Earth is all about. Earth without water is unthinkable. It is a powerful element in Vaastu. Source of water and its location had helped human settlements from time immemorial and many a civilisation perished without it. Proper utilisation helps city growth and town planning.

    • Characteristics: Spirituality, ideas and healing.
    • Direction: North-east
  • Earth

    Earth or Prthivi is what Mother Nature is all about and it matters everything in Vaastu. Any residential or commercial or industrial property rests on it. It greatly influences human life as we are bound by its gravity and magnetic force.

    • Characteristics: Stability, peace and harmony.
    • Direction: Centre and diagonal.

Dr. Ravi Rao

Dr. Ravi Rao, world renowned vaastu consultant, is known for giving his clients simple yet effective solutions. Give it to his 25 years of vast experience or extensive research, Dr. Rao blends various branches of astrology and vaastu to offer strategies for growth and prosperity. A man of few words, Dr. Rao is consultant and advisor to various top industrialists both national and international. His scientific and logical approach to problems has given him acceptance worldwide. Globally travelled Dr. Rao has also authored a book on mundane astrology which is a reference book predicting mundane events of nations. ...

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Corporate Vaastu

Vaastu is an ancient science used by many before they start construction of their office building. Following basic principles of vaastu from the construction stage is a good idea. The right balance of nature’s five elements attracts positive energy into the building/office and is ideal for a productive and vibrant work culture. But if you have already built your office, you can still optimize the work area through vaastu for work spaces. Studies have shown that the right working environment increases productivity and also helps nullify any problem the company might be facing. You can fix things that may have gone wrong.

Dr. Rao’s expertise in this area spans across a vast range of industries. Some of the industries where he has fixed things through vaastu include the following

  • Advertising
  • Automobile
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Digital Solutions, Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Equipments manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Fitness & healthcare
  • Food
  • Furnishing
  • Hotel, Infrastructure
  • Investment Company
  • Logistics, PARK(SEZ)
  • Metal & Steel
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Power
  • Printing
  • Real estate
  • Retail Trade, Supermarket
  • Security
  • Sugar Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Water
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutes
  • Solar Power

Vaastu Tips

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15 Sep 2016 by Dr. Ravi Rao

If I go by the theory of Mayamatam – Vaastushastra’s revered text, “Every property chooses its occupant. As a corollary to this, if the property...


Ritual and Ceremony during Construction

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Dr. Rao has clientele almost in every sector of the economy. Here lies a few facts and figures to demonstrate the strength of his clients and Dr. Rao's reach in the economy.


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What our clients say?

“Before coming into contact with Dr. Rao our office had few clients and lesser inquiries. After we changed our office as per Dr. Rao’s instructions, we started getting more clients and lots of phone inquiries.”


By Manufacturer of Footwear

“When Dr. Rao saw our logo he felt that there was a serious mismatch between our line of business and the colors and balance within the logo. After we adopted the changes suggested by Dr. Rao, we put on record here that this change became very significant to the change in our business fortunes.”


By Owner of Office Furniture Systems

“The best part of Dr. Rao, if I may say so, is three characteristics. The first is clarity in explaining the Vaastu concept in any structure, the second is his convincing ability and finally, the patient listening to the client’s expectations”.

Business Owner

By Business Owner of BPO

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