The purpose of vaastu is to ensure the maximum utilization of all the natural energies that are derived from the five elements of nature. The balance of the elements determines the positive energy that the organisation attracts and harbours. The motive is to create a complete equilibrium between man and material such that the balance is ideal for a fruitful and vibrant work culture. Harmony between the five elements namely, fire, water, earth, wind and sky, creates an ideal podium for a successful company. With an optimized work environment the productivity increases manifold and the defects get nullified.

Corporate Astro-Vaastu service, provided by Dr. Ravi Rao, aims at complete analysis of the company as a whole, using all aspects of vaastu, astrology and numerology. It helps with everything, from choosing the right kind of venture, to selecting the space, designing the office, etc. It also gives guidelines for expansion of current business, as also for mergers and acquisitions. It also covers the strengths and weaknesses of human resources, the right steps for expansion & growth and the kind of deals that should be sealed.

How does it help in Corporate Guidance

For Existing and Running Units
  • Optimal directional placement of raw materials and packaged goods.
  • During the work-in-progress stages, fine tuning the directional flow of goods from the raw material stage to the finished goods stage.
  • At the time of expansion, you will be offered advice on the suitability of acquisition of adjoining plots. This issue is very crucial.
  • Appropriate and propitious timing of additional capabilities as well as the placement of new machinery at time of installation. Tips on Technology Transfer/Foreign-tie ups.
  • Optimal utility performance can be achieved by fine tuning the directional placement of furnace, transformers, etc. as per Vaastu.
For Sick Units
  • Guaranteed revival of sick units or units closed down for any reason.
For New Units
  • Before the selection of the plot or whilst the designs are still on the drawing board, it is very easy to incorporate all the vaastu norms.