No business operates in a vacuum – and this is where the eternal principles of Vaastu Shastra come into dynamic force.

When an industry is set up, the idea is that it should run smoothly and should earn profit; there should be increased production followed by increased sales. For this it is very important that industrial structures be free from any vaastu defects. Following sound vaastu principles for industry ensures successful production and profitable business.

Industrial vaastu is Dr. Ravi Rao’s forte. Using the broad spectrum of the ancient vedic science Dr. Rao offers solutions that resurrect fallen industries and businesses alike. He delivers accurate predictions and interpretations which are backed by logic and his intuitive faculties.

Vastu consultation for any industry involves a thorough analysis of various aspects of that industry. Right from selection of the plot to color scheme, from location of guard room to storage of raw material, every little facet is taken into consideration by the vaastu specialist. Despite there being major differences in the processes involved in various industries, the basic principles of vaastu apply to all.

Along with large investment, starting any industry requires coordination of several activities, like acquiring land, buying raw material, liaising, dealing with labor, etc. Vaastu greatly helps in the smooth passage of these activities leading to a successful outcome.